William Alan Rieser
May 30, 1946 - July 22, 2005
Author of science fiction, fantasy, horror and humor.

Gam                         Don't Just Stand There,    The Islamented
Pmat                                 Do Something!           The 11th Plague
Kesht                       Tour                                       The Ultimage
The Find                  Happenings                          Cloister
Pathandu                Collected Essays                Penumbra
Luna Parabella      Nadir                                     
Furnace                   Paws and Whiskers
Panacea                  The Wrath of Qeman

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I am a New Yorker, transplanted to Arlington, Texas via Chicago. Retired now with two cats and Sandra, the finest woman a man could hope for, especially since I became disabled in a wheelchair. I do manage to have a great many friends, some of whom I know only via the internet.

It was Sandra who convinced me to write after observing the emails I sent her during our courtship. I have been at it now for ten years with moderate success, mostly with my short stories and articles.  My novels do not sell very well because I do not fit the profile that publishers want to see, i.e., wealthy, celebrity or notorious.  But my novels are the best I am capable of doing and I hope people read them in the future. Mostly I migrate between SF/F/H and humor with a heavy accent on the funnybone because I have learned not to take myself too seriously.

With Science Fiction I have achieved a new sub-genre with The Kaska Trilogy and Nadir.  No human beings in the stories except for Kaska in the trilogy.  Nadir is my finest conception so far and I have high hopes that readers will respond.

My newest works are the Warriors of the Rock series about Islamic terrorism and a philosophical novel called Tour.

Much of my energy is reserved for a special group of writers and wannabe authors whom I assist online at
  We have produced five wonderful anthologies called Journey + The Artist Tree + Soaring + Satire of the Inanities + Epiphanies and Other Absurdities.  We are working on several other projects for 2005.  Most of these people work to sustain their families and have repressed talents they wish to explore when time is available. 

Please look over my site and perhaps think about picking up one or two of my books. I promise you will not be disapponted.
e toaIn Memorium
The great voice of my adored husband is stilled, yet ever will it resound whenever his words are read. He waged many battles in his valiant life to give his all to me, his students, his Writers' Association cohorts and to any who read his works and share  the incredible imagination and mastery of words he achieved. Please continue to peruse and enjoy this repository and should you chose, the books are still available.d
                                                                                     Sandra Riesery         our text
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